open YOGA classes 

Frances teaches Momentum Yoga on Tuesdays from 1.30pm - 3pm at Danceworks in the heart of London.

Her Momentum Yoga classes are a unique approach to help with physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium. Derived from the principles of Dynamic Yoga and nurtured by her authentic experience of dance and movement, they explore functional anatomy based on a creative movement flow, combining the balanced practice of flowing postures and synchronizing the breath in transition to promote a strong, flexible body and a relaxed, centred mind. 

All sessions maintain a strong focus on the individual's alignment, optimal biomechanics, the body's relationship to space and gravity, and explore the most appropriate and best ways to move fluidly and without restriction. 

Each practice provides a learning platform to increase personal strength and awareness, both
physically and internally.

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Private sessions

Frances offers three types of private, in-home sessions:

  • Yoga-based sessions (home visits) are fully tailored to the individual’s needs

  • Dance / barre-based sessions to promote a strong, toned, flexible and well-coordinated body

  • Movement coaching through thorough individual assessment and advice on improving the individual’s performance of:

    • Sports disciplines such as swimming, running, cycling, dancing and group sports

    • Daily activities

    • Supervision on ergonomics at work and at home

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